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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cassie 1st Tumbling Competition

Cassie is a part of a tumbling group called C.E.T.A. She has been tumbling about 4 months.
At the first of the year she decided she wanted to start going to the competitions even though she hasn't been doing it very long.
She went to her first competition Saturday.
Her first event was the Floor. They do two passes. She competed at level 3.
She did great. I was so proud.
She got 2nd place in the Floor event.
Her second event was the Double Mini. They do two passes in this event as well. She competed at level 5 in this event. It is a little harder for her but I was so proud of her for trying the harder level. She took 5th place in this event.
Here are some video clips of her competing.

Here is the 1st pass on the Double Mini.

Here is her 2nd pass on the Double Mini.

Here is her 1st pass on the Floor.
Here is the 2nd pass.


Anita said...

Way to go Cassie! that was really fun to see. I didn't know you did tumbling. Awesome!

Catherine said...

Good job, Cassie
so happy for you and you too Mom :)

Jerbabe said...

Let me know when you have another meet and I'll come see you when I can. I'm proud of you. It helps you grow and develope to try new things! Way to go!

The Olsons said...

Good Job Cassie! She's doing great!

Shortcake and Company said...

Wow...way to go! I k now I've told you before, but your Cassie is such a sweetie.