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Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Prom

I can't believe my baby boy went to Prom last weekend. It was so cool to see him in his Tux. He loved wearing it. He said the shoes were his favorite part. I'm glad he has such good friends to go with on a group date.
You can tell they didn't practice promenade. They didn't realize they were suppose to stop for pictures.
I love you Riley! You are so handsome.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spare of the moment Easter trip.

We hadn't planned anything for Easter weekend but they needed us to leave our house for the weekend so they could refinish our wood floors.
A few months ago Scott and I got an email talking about the new bridge crossing the Hoover Dam. We thought it would be a good trip this summer to take the kids there before it was finished. So we decided to go to Vegas for the weekend and spend sometime at the Dam.

We took the kids on the Power Plant tour inside the Dam.
It was very interesting.
(I forgot to change my glasses before going underground)
I was cool walking through the tunnels.
This will be a unique picture is a few years with the unfinished bridge in the back round.
I love my family.
They say the tall waterline is from the water level in 1985.
Here is my family half in Nevada and half in Arizona.
We had a good time.
Jason was the funniest in Vegas.
First when we got there at 11:30pm (Nevada time -12:30 Utah time) on Friday night Jason wanted to know what we where going to do first because we where in the "City that never sleeps"
So we said we would take a ride down the strip and see the lights THEN he put on his sun glass.
I laughed and said it is dark out, he said "MOM, I still need to look cool"
It turned out to be a good Easter Weekend/Family Vacation.