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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Pioneer!

Riley went with the youth on our Stakes Pioneer Trek July 3-5. They went to Martin's Cove.
I think he looks really good in his outfit.
This picture was taken at 5am before he went to the church to get on the bus.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lion State Tournament

After being pumped up from winning there City tournament, Cassie's team was ready to take State. I was a hard tournament though - two to three games a day in the hot hot sun. They ended up losing one game there first day. Then winning three games there second day. When the third day came around I just think they were pooped but they were ready to try. To win the tournament they had to play and win four games. There first game was scoreless until the end and the other team had the home field advantage. Away the Lions ended there season in Fourth place in the State tournament. They should all be proud of them selves.

Cassie with her UGSA 4th place metal.

The Lions win the City Tournament

Cassie's softball team won there City Tournament on July 2, 2008.
She was soooooo happy. She smiled from ear to ear for days.
They were the underdogs of the tournament. They had only finish 4 in there division and were not expected to go that far in the tournament. Cassie was so excited that she was going to be in the Spanish Fork paper.

This is her team after putting on there championship shirts the City gave them.

Pictures from Sara of the Strong Family Campout

Here are some pictures Sara gave my that she had taken at the Campout that I really liked.
This is the sign in book for the outdoor museum we toured.
Sara went to the waterfall with Riley and Jason and got these good pictures of them.

My baby boy who is almost 15 years old.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Strong Family Campout 2008

Saturday night we went for a 4 wheeler ride.

Jeri took some family pictures of us.

We went to the edge of the mountain to see in the spotting scope.
Jeri left the edge before I could take a picture of her.

I love those little white flowers by Cassie.
Got Jason with his eyes closed but he wouldn't go back to the edge to take another picture.

Here are the Mountain Goats we where looking at through the spotting scope.
It was really cool.

On Friday we did a mile hike to a water fall. The hike to stand by the fall was steep so only a few people went down there. If you click on this picture you can see Riley and Jason by the water fall. It shows how big the fall really is. (Red hat Jason - Blue hat Riley)

This picture I zoomed in as much has I could. You can see the boys better.
This is as close as Cassie and I got but it was still beautiful.

The equipment we saw was cool.
It was like an outdoor museum.

Jason meet up with us after riding his 4 wheeler.

It was really neat to see the old buildings.

We took a little walk with the kids to see the old mining equipment they had there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jason's Baseball Season 2008

I don't know how it happened by the only pictures I have of Jason playing baseball this year are terrible.
These two are the only ones I could get to look halfway visible.
Well here is my beautiful boy Jason Scott Strong with his team.

Cassie's Softball Season June 2008

Great Job Cassie!
Couldn't have done it without the pink bat.
Cassie is my fastes runner.
"Give me 5!"

Jason's first hunt May 2008

Jason got a turkey with the great efforts of his Grandpa Strong.
His dad was able to help find the birds too.
Jason loved every minute of it.

Nelson Family Picnic May 2008

We had a late Mother's Day picnic at the Spanish Fork City Park.

We had some good KFC!
It was a beautiful day.

As usual Uncle Bubble entertained the kids.

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

Talking about the name of the new baby soon to arrive.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Moab trip Memorial Day Weekend 2008

All the Rock Crawlers that came on the trip!
The race up the water fall was the funniest!

This year we took our RC Rock Crawlers to Moab.

Scott has an extra Riley uses.

He got his real rock crawler for Christmas. ( A samurai to work on so it is ready when he gets his licence.)

Jason and Cassie got there rockcrawlers for Christmas in 2007.

They love them.

Because of the wet winter the desert flowers were beautiful this year.

We didn't make it to Moab for Easter this year so we made sure we went Memorial Weekend!

I think this is Scott's favorite angle in his samurai.