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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Riley's Football Season............

Well Riley got his jersey today. His first game is Thursday.
...............................Well it is his teams first game.

Well I don't know who cried more me and Scott or Riley (not because it hurt).
He broke his arm in two places next to his wrist at practice today.
Riley has worked so hard the past year - early morning practices - two a day practices this summer. It is so disappointing.

He goes back in a week after the swelling goes down. The doctor will decide if it needs a short cast or a cast all the way past the elbow. If we can go with the short cast he can play. If we have to go with the long cast his season is over before it even started.

First Day of School 2008

Jason the big sixth grader.

Cassie the stylish fourth grader.

I tried to get a group picture with Riley but he has early morning seminary at 6:30am so that didn't happen.

Happy Birthday Riley!

Celebrating Riley's B-Day at the Nelson's.

He got three cards and three $20 bills.
I Love You Riley!!!!!!

Riley's Potluck

My baby is 15 years old.
He looks so cute opening presents.
Look at his beautiful smile.
"I-Tones" his favorite present.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yvonne's Baby shower

Last Saturday I gave my sister a shower. Her baby is due September 16th.
She got some really great stuff.

Here is a shot of the food we served.
I had to try and get a picture of Yvonne's cute belly.
I made diapers cakes for the center pieces. They were fun to make, cute and a useful present.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Arizona Trip

We made a quick three day trip to Arizona to get some farm equipment that my uncle gave me and my brother. We are going to use the equipment as yard ornaments at our land. My uncle kind of thought my brother and I were crazy for wanting the equipment. We explained that a lot of people use old farm equipment as ornaments and how special it would be to us to have my Grandpa Nelson's machinery that he and my Uncle Jay used on the family farm. Then he starting understanding and the stories started flowing. The wagon wheels on the far right of the trailer are from a wagon that was used by my dad's family in the 1920's. You can't see it really well in this picture but the wide tire with rubber on it is from a piece of equipment from the 1930's. In front of that is the Disk that is from the 1940's. Last on the far left is the big Side Delivery Rake that my Uncle says his dad bought in 1951 brand new. He was very proud of that.

I'm sure it was hard to see the equipment leave but he said he was glad it would be displayed where people could look at it.
The paper in my hand has to be considered one of my most prized possession from the trip and it really wasn't meant to be that from my uncle. He wrote "To whom it my concern, I Jay Nelson gave this side Delivery Rake and the Disk to James Mark Nelson and Scott and Alice Strong.
Jay Nelson."

I will frame and cherish that note for ever.

We loved talking to him as much as time allowed.

This is him getting the tractor started for the way did I mention he is almost 83 year old.
This is the family brand the was issued to my grandfather in 1930's and my uncle still uses it to this day.
This is the Side Delivery Rake.

I think the boys like playing with the tractor the most.

Here is a little video I took of Mark getting the Disk from my Uncle Jays farm.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stampin Up! Convention

This year I treated myself to going to a 3 day long Stampin Up Convention at the Salt Palace.
It was so fun. You wouldn't believe how excited some of the women would get there.

There were about 7,000 people there (mostly women but there are some men demonstrators)
I saw thousands and thousand of great projects and card ideas.

It was fun taking a few days of work off for ME!

UPS donated a free stamp set to everyone who was at the convention because Stampin Up is a big customer of UPS. Also $2 of the price of the stamp set went the McDonald house fund.
The place went crazy when the men in brown gave everyone the stamp set.

July 24th 2008 Picnic and Parade Fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cassie's Birthday and Potluck

Potluck at Nate and Airaka's was fun.
Cassie played ball while other feed the goats.

Here are all of the July birthday girls.
Grandma Strong made really cute cupcakes for Cassie.
Happy Bithday my 9 year old.

The party at Grandma Nelson's was fun.

Grandma made her a wonderful Mint Icecream cake.
We gave her Ruby earrings and necklace. (That is what she wanted...her birth stone jewelry.)

Happy Anniversary!

Friday July 18th was Scott and I #16th anniversary.
I bought him roses and had them sent to work. It was fun.
For my present Scott took me to the Tabernacle and Osmond's Concert on the next Saturday.
I love it.

Swimming Lesson's

Cassie is still not 100% sure about swimming.

With a little bit of help from Jesse Galavich she did jump off the diving board.

She loves it though. Maybe after a few more years of swimming lessons........

Jason took swimming lessons this year too but they only let the parents take pictures the last day and he went to a Scout campout instead. So no pictures of Jason this year.