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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Home Evening Boating Trip

I'm not sure whose idea it was but I got a call Monday (June 14th) that the Strong's were meeting at Lincoln Beach to go for a ride in Grandpa's new boat.

Look at the smile on Grandpa's face.....Do you think he likes his new toy?
Oh by the way that is Riley's good friend Talon who came along for the ride as well.
Have fun kids!!!!!!
Look at them go! At least 30 miles an hour......Wow!
Nate took his boat out as well making sure it was ready for the Strong family camp out.
James, Edris, Grandma and myself thought we were going for a nice smooth ride with Nathan
but we where wrong................

"Aaaaahhhhhhh", said Grandma has she was holding on for dear life.
Nate showed us how donuts where done on the water.
All and all we had a good time.
I'm glad we had this family outing especially since we were unable to go to the family camp out.
Thanks to who ever had this great family outing idea.

I looked up some other site seeing we could do while we were down south. Off the freeway between Cedar City and St. George is Kolob Canyon which is part of Zions National Park. It was a nice little drive though a canyon with beautiful scenery. At the end of the drive was a spot where you could stop and take in the view. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side. It wasn't as cold there but it started to rain. This time I was the only one who got out of the and took some pictures. At least everyone enjoyed the ride.
When we where down in Cedar City for the Summer Games we stayed at the Brian Head Sky resort. That Saturday we went for a ride on a loop from Brian Head to Cedar City. We stopped at the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Although it was June 12th, when we stopped at the outlook it was 42 degrees. I made the family get out of the car and see the beautiful view and get some pictures.