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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back by Popular Demand!

I decided to post another picture of my apron I received for a few reasons.
  1. To show how much my son really loves me.
  2. Because a bought a new camera today for my cruise (can't wait - going in March) and wanted to try it out.
  3. Last but not least - because it was requested that my model show off the apron that I received from the swap.


Jerbabe said...

#1 I STILL LOVE the model
#2 The camera takes a nice clear shot
#3 I love the materials she used, I just like the ones with the chest covered more.

The Olsons said...

Looks better on Riley! hehehe

Jason & Britney said...

What a pretty model, who is she???

Cunninghams said...

ooops I guess I really shouldn't have put makeup on Riley when he was little after all :O )

Erica said...

I love your apron you got in the swap! what a neat way to meet new friends. thanks for your comments on my new blog!

Tell me when you find an apron swap again, I want to try a swap now too!