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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This Mother's Day I was surprised with great gifts from my children.
Cassie and Jason worked on cleaning the house.
Jason and Riley worked on the yard, weeding and mowing the lawn.

Then when I thought it couldn't get any better Riley surprised me with the great picture.
It is a beautiful canvas piece of art.
We have the prefect place for it in my living room.

San Rafael Swell 4x4 trail

Friday May 11th after work we drove out to the San Rafael Swell area.
 All of our camping buddings who came out with us.
After setting up camp in the dark it is fun to wake up Saturday morning and see the sights.
 The view on our way on a little side trail to see the "Lone Warrior"
 Lone Warrior Pictograph

 He is the view of the wall the Lone Warrior is on.
 Here are some Carvings on the wall we found as well.
Next we went to see the Swasey's Cabin

 Here is a picture of the amazing rock at the mouth of Eagle Canyon Trail head
No questions how the trail got its name.
Inside Swasey's Cabin
 Here is my hubby in front of the Swasey Cabin
The view from the back of the cabin
 Here is a cool view of the Eagle rock and the Swasey's cabin.

 Next we went on the Eva Conover Trail.
 Here is a beautiful site we saw on the Eva Conover Trail.
 View under i-70 on the South Fork Coal Wash Trial
 Us on the Devil's Race Track Trail
 Everyone sizing up an obstacle on the Devil's Race Track Trail.
 Scott and I had a great day on our ride.
Here is a great shot of all the group after completing the obstacle and on our way to completing the trail.
 Dutchman's Arch - what a great way to end our trip with this site.
Here is a picture of the path we drive on. Scott track it with his GPS.
We always have such a great time on our rides.