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Monday, December 29, 2008

All caught up!

Well I'm all caught up on my blogging now. We have been having so much fun the past week and a half that I haven't had a chance to blog much. Check out all of my new posts. They start with our two family parties on December 20th and end with Scott adventures Saturday in the snow. Well I guess I can go to bed now. It only took me 5 hours to get this done. I had nothing else to do since Scott is sleeping because he has to work at midnight and the kids have been playing there new games all night with each other.

Scott's Ride to our land

Saturday December 26th, while we went sledding Scott went for a ride in the mountains.
On his way home he stopped at our land and found a new friend living there.

What a cute little Bunnie!!!!!
There were birds all around in the trees.
Here is an idea of how much snow is up there.
Here is a picture of our picnic table.
Our Samurai is just about covered.
Scott made a video with our camera of him blazing a trail through the snow on our land.

December 27th Sledding Day 2

We had so much fun the day before we decided to go sledding again. This time it was Uncle Bubble, me and my kids. We went to the SF golf course.

It was a longer walk up then the day before.

It was sunnier then Friday so the layers started coming off.
Jason resting after all that exercising (walking up the hills)
Her is proof that I went sledding.
I sledded both days but this is the first time it was captured on film.
Uncle Bubble brought his snowboard for Riley to try out.
For the past couple years Riley has shown an interest in snowboarding but has yet to go.

December 26th Sledding Take 1

Friday after Christmas the Kids and I went sledding with Uncle Mark and his family up Hobble Creek. This was the first time we had been sledding for YEARS.
Of course I forgot my camera so these pictures are taken with me I-phone. They are not too bad considering they are taking with a phone. They action shots just aren't that good.
Here is Cassie and Kallysta speeding by.
Tyree and Penina were next.
Jason has an interesting kneeling technique.
Cassie resting after walking up the hill AGAIN.
Riley had a great time.
Look at the big smile on Tyree's face.
Jason was starting to tired.
Here is a glimpse of them all going at once. Tyree in the lead my two boys in the middle and Uncle Mark in last place.
Let's do it again.

Christmas Day 2008

We are very blessed to have a good Christmas. Do to the remodeling of our house we had our Christmas in our trailer.
Cassie's Pile
The Boy's pile.
Reindeer Cassie's and her new I-Pod.
She wasn't very surprised because that is all she has been asking for seven months.....
Jason's Flight Simulator
It is a simulator that has every RC Airplane and Helicopter.
Him and his father have already spent many hours on it.
Riley was very surprised when he opened his laptop. He had new idea.
Scott and I got I-Phones for Christmas plus we did each others stockings.
He got me a $25 I-Tune gift card and I got him some new slippers.
First we went to my parents house.
Dad had just gotten off of a 12 hour shift.
We had a good morning!!!
This year at the Nelson's it was PJ's for all....

Then we went to the Strong's

Here are the 15 grandkids in there Christmas PJ's

Blankets for all at the Strong's
Grandma and Grandpa's turn

Strong Parties! Dec 20th and 24th

The Nelson Christmas Party

Monday, December 15, 2008

This weekend was GREAT!!! I got tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. They preformed there program Thursday through Sunday morning. My tickets were for the Sunday morning performance so we got a hotel room for Saturday night.

I got a good deal at the "Little America Hotel" in downtown Salt Lake City.
Scott got off work Saturday at noon after working 12 hours. With the bad weather we took our time getting to SLC so we didn't get to our room until 5pm. While Scott took a nap the kids and I went swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool.

It was great. It was like a figure 8 shaped pool. The bottom half was indoor. Then you could swim under a bridge to the top half of the pool which was outdoors. It was a heated pool so you could swim outside even though it was SNOWING!!

It was so much fun. I've never been swimming in Utah - Outside in December before. LOL

I think the kids had a good time.

This is a huge gingerbread house that was in the lobby of the Hotel,.The concert was so special. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go. The prophet was in attendance and talked to the audience while he gave gifts to the special guess after the concert. It was such a great experience for our family. It makes we want to go every year.