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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pet Update

Well with everything that has been going on in my crazy-busy life, I forgot to tell you all we got some chickens Saturday afternoon May 2nd. (That was the week before the car hit our house so.....the new chickens kind of got forgotten.) We bought 12 at first then a few days later Scott bought a couple more (just because that was all that was left at the store) but then one died. Anyway we have 13 chickens.
We only know for sure that two of them are hens because they where sexed at the store.
We got them so we can let them go at our land and see if they will roost there.
We have decided to keep three or four of them here in our back yard. To keep them here they need to be hens so they don't drive the neighbors crazy. We will keep the two we know for sure that are hens here and then a couple of others. If they turn out to be roosters we will just take them to the land. We are not sure if they will last at the land (it is an experiment) so we told the kids not to get to attached.

Surprise our dog Sueki had puppies Tuesday May 26th (we did think she was pregnant)
Every time we think she is going to have puppies she never does. So we figured it wasn't ever going to happen for her.
Well Tuesday evening Riley heard something squeaking in the dog house and sure enough Sueki had two puppies (We thought she might have more that night but she never did.)
Sadly one died the first night. It was a female.
Scott was finally able to get the puppy away from Sueki's protection so we could get some good pictures of it. This one is male. He hasn't opened his eyes yet. Scott docked it's tell today. Red-healers usually have there tell docked.

We haven't thought of a name yet. I told the kids we needed to get to know him better.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

Tuesday we celebrated Cassie's birthday a little early.
I took her to the Taylor Swift concert.
I surprised her with the tickets about a month ago. When I gave them to her she was so happy she cried.
You can't top that on the "great gifts of a life time" scale. The only problem is she is only 10. Does that mean it is all down hill from now on?!?!?!?!? LOL

Taylor was great. It was really an over the top concert. She had cool props and a lot of wardrobe changes. She is a very high energy performer. Cassie knows every word to every song she played. I noticed the young couple in front of us noticing Cassie's ability to sing every word......They thought it was cute. I have a video of her at the primary talent show singing along with Taylor for her talent. It is kind of long but maybe I will post it anyway.

ARM Update!

May 26th, xray two weeks and one day later.---------->
The doctor says it is looking pretty good and does not think we will have to do any surgery. (As long as the nerve fully recovers)
May 11th, xray at the ER
right after it happened.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend 2009

We went to our land Friday night to start our Memorial Weekend. My brothers trailer was already up there but we had to bring ours up that night.
Saturday we didn't let the weather stop us from having a picnic at our property with my family.
My parents and sister Yvonne with her baby Prestyn came to see us first. Shortly followed by my other sister and her four kids.
Yvonne and Prestyn got a little cold in the rain but the trailer warmed them up.
Prestyn seemed to still have a good time.

Sunday it rained off and on all day but I came prepared.
Bringing my sewing machine is always a must.

Sunday evening and Monday we were able to work on our land a little.
We are clearing some sage brush for more open spaces around the evergreen trees that are growing there.

Don't let my outfit scare you too much........You got to love my boots and capri pants.

I think Scott got the easy job........taking pictures of us working and driving the samurai in reverse pulling the sage out that we attach to it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

White and Green Swap!

This was a fun swap because you got to know your swap partner because it wasn't an anonymous swap and we have been emailing each other back and forth.
She is a wonderful lady from Australia.
Here are the items I sent her. The theme was sending items "White and Green"
I tried to stay on theme as much as possible, plus I sent the Mormon cook book because there were a lot of stories about Utah.
Here are the wonderful items she sent me. It was a great package to receive.
I Love All of them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More bad news!

Well I posted the pictures of the flowers first because I'm trying not to be too negative.
After the car hitting my house Friday night - cleaning up the mess and dealing with that reality of what happened through the weekend then Monday afternoon at work I got the call that my son might have broke his arm.
Well he sure did.......all the way through his humorous bone. We are going the orthopedic surgeon today for a check up. Guess we will see what happens next.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing my beautiful flower with you.

Here is a picture of my favorite flower -Lilac bush.
This bush was transplanted by Scott and I shortly after
we bought this house from my Grandma Fox. I came from a patch of Lilac's that we took out on the side of the house. The more interesting part of this story is my Grandma Fox transplanting them originally from the home she grow up in Wyoming.
He are the beautiful flowers I got for Mother's Day.

This roses have a beautiful verity of color.
Yellow roses remind me of my Grandpa Fox.

I was selling them with my young women's group for girls camp money.

This one is my favorite because the combo of pink and yellow.
Scott bought 3 for me via me (his money - my idea)
and my brother bought some and gave me one.
It is great the way fresh flowers me feel.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not a great way to start my Mother's Day Weekend.

Well Friday evening started out nice enough.......We went to my sister-n-law's house for a birthday party. We were there about 20 minutes when we got the news that we should go home.

Well this is what we came home to.
My landscaping was an innocent by standard.
Scott is not that sad about the porch railing.
He kind of wanted to change it anyway.
This is our basement bathroom window.
Glass went all the way across our basement hallway.
I'm so glad no one was home.
This is the damage on the inside wall of our bathroom.
This ought to be fun to get fixed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother - Daughter Apron Swap

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I joined a Mother - Daughter apron swap.
When you signed up you told them how many aprons you needed and the age of your child.
I just signed up Cassie and I. My boys aren't interested in aprons. (Although Riley looks really good in aprons.)
We where also to send cook books with this swap.
I ended up with a partner with a 10 year old daughter which is very close to Cassie's age.
My swap partner let me know that her daughter needed an Adult small because she is really tall.
I also choose the aqua and red combo because those where her daughters favorite colors.
I hope Shawnee & Tatum in Oregon like there matching aprons.

Some Beach Some Where! Apron Swap

This is some fun fabric I found for this swap!
I also sent some little items so my swap partner Monica in Canada could have a Luau if she wanted to.
Look closely at the bathing beauties on the beach.
I hope she enjoys her apron!

State Competition 2009

Last Saturday Cassie had her last competition of the season. She did really well.
She took 3rd place on the floor exercise.

She took 5th on the Trampoline and 6th on the Double Mini.

All and all it was a good season. Especially for her first season doing this sport.
When we got home she wanted a picture of all of her metals and trophies she had earned in 2009.

Here is a video of the second pass on the floor.
And of her routine on the trampoline.