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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tis the Season!

This is the wreath I bought for the cemetery. We had a great Christmas Party at my mom and brothers house earlier in the month.
We did our gift exchanging with the cousins and siblings.
Christmas Eve was great too.
We exchanged gifts with the cousins that night.
And of course PJ's for all!!!
I think everyone had a great Christmas Day this year.
Riley got a new camera.
Jason got a new bike.
Cassie got a new camera and little laptop.
I got the rest of the pieces for my nativity scene.
Scott got a key board for his i-pad.
Presents at Grandma Nelson's house.
Santa even found Uncle Bubble.
After having a great talk with Brooke on her mission,
we had more fun opening presents at Grandpa and Grandma Strong's house.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Strong's

This year Thanksgiving with the Strong's was at Grandma Strong's church.
It was a fun filled day of eating, jumping rope, playing basketball and playing Wii.
We set up two Wii game systems with projectors.
My Press Your Luck game was a big hit with the adults.

Pie Party

This years traditional Fox family Pie Party was at my mom and brother's house.
It turned out very well.

Monday, November 29, 2010

BYU Fans (well I am)

I might be the only mom who "makes" her family go to at least one BYU football game a year.
Scott will only go to one.............but that is OK because he lets me go to as many as I want to.
Riley decided he was too cool to have fun at a BYU game but he has enjoyed it in years past.
My brother is always up to enjoy a game. I think he likes someone to go with him.
Cassie and Jason enjoy it still.
I think they like the food the best.
This game was Homecoming vs San Diego State.
It is always fun to go to games that they win too.
Game 2 was November 6th which is a risky time of the year to go to a game.
There might be snow!!!!!
But we where lucky this year.

At half time they recognized the 100 year birthday of the Scouting program.

Riley choose pheasant hunting over the BYU game so Jason brought his friend Beau.
They had a great time together.
As promised no Scott this game but we still have fun.
This game was vs UNLV................well the score board says it all.
Because of the great weather and the fact that we knew it was our last game of the season to go to we played around a little after the game.
I like to think of the great memories we are building together if nothing else.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Fun!

This year we did pumpkins at Yvonne's house.
Some of us carved, some of us painted and some of us used stickers this year.
Cassie always paints hers.
She did a bumble bee theme the same as her costume.
Jason carved his this year.
I think he did a great job.
Riley just did the sticker thing.
I had a great time carving mine.
Mark (Bubble) did some carving and some painting.
I think his BYU basketball turned out great.
My mom painted hers too.
She is a good artist.
Prestyn had a great time.
The Cunningham's did the sticker method and painting.
Prestyn drew his spiderweb.
Here are some shots of Cassie in her custom before we went on the main street trick-or-treat thing.
Prestyn is so ready for some candy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Weekends

October 16th we went for a 4-wheeler ride in the Indianola area.
I had a great time. It was the first ride we had done all year.
My brother and the dog's had a great time as well.
Sue enjoyed her rest in the trailer.
Look close, it looks like she is coping Jason and putting her arm on the edge of the trailer.
The next weekend we stayed at our land.
My mom, brother, Cassie and I were there while Scott, Riley and Jason went deer hunting.

Cassie made this during our stay.
I think she is very cute.
So that Saturday was the opening of the deer hunt and my baby #2's 14th birthday.
So the mighty hunters came and visited us at our land to celebrate Jason's birthday.
I surprised him with Cold Stone cupcakes and a i-pod.
Grandma made him a nice card and what ever teenagers loves most MONEY!
I've decided those cupcakes are my new favorite dessert.
I'm not sure it is a good thing that Riley got a job at Cold Stone.
It was a great evening.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming - Class of 1991 Returns

I had a lot of fun getting ready for my Homecoming Assembly.
For years I have been thinking about this Assembly and how cool it will be to have Riley be there as a Senior Class of 2011. One problem.........Elk Hunt......he wasn't able to be there, Oh well I still had fun.
This is me trying to dress the part.
We got a group of us together to make a video to show at the assembly.
We thought it would be easier to make a video then do a live skit.
We made sure the mullet had a big part in the program.
More girls dressing the part.
Here are the stars of the
Spanish Fork Class of 1991 Video.

Here is a link to the video we made on YouTube.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Minute Summer Fun in August!

We had the fun opportunity of taking care of Prestyn while his mom and dad went to the DMB concert. We decided to spend sometime at the Library Park.
He sure can throw a football.

Scott knows how to keep a child entertained. Prestyn loves video games.
Of course we played at the playground at the park too.
We spent one Friday evening with the Judy Family in Morgan Canyon. Here is a picture of what we think was a baby rattle snake. Look at the diamond shaped head.
We didn't make it to 7-peaks this year but we did spend a evening at the Provo City Pool.
It was a lot of fun. They do have a great slide and no long lines.
Prestyn had a good time too. He loved the slides and the pool. Not so much the slashing sprinklers but....................he had a good time.
Last but not lest we had a girls night at the bowling isle while the boys where scouting for elk.
It was a lot of fun.