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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend in Salt Lake City

We got tickets the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert again this year.
We got a Hotel room for Saturday night.
Kids' favorite part is starting the weekend with swimming in the hotels pool.
They always have a good time.
After swimming we walked around Temple Square.
The lights are always so beautiful.

Cassie loved getting her picture taken in front of the Temple.
I'm sure Jason had a good time as well.
This year Riley was at the school Christmas Ball the same night so we invited Grandma Nelson to join us.
She was so excited to come with us.......she hadn't been to a Tabernacle concert before or hadn't been to see the lights on Temple Square for awhile.
After this we went and had dinner at Applebee's. It was a really good evening.
The concert was Sunday morning and was beautiful. Scott and I have been three years in a row and the kids twice. Every time is great. I must say the Sunday concert is my favorite because the Prophet will talk at the end and give the guess performers a gift. It is a pretty neat experience.

Gingerbread Houses

The Cousin's have fun every year making Gingerbread house.
It really brings out the creativeness in the kids.
It is really fun to get together.
Riley's finished product. I love his decorated tree on the outside of is house.
Jason says his house got hit by a snow storm.
Cassie's green path to the house is fun. I love her snowman.
I had fun making mine this year.
Here is our village of houses.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

The table setting was beautiful.
The food spread Divine.
Mom bought beautiful flowers.
Mom made these great Turkey nut cups for us.
Now that is a great looking plate of food!!!!
Even Cassie cleaned her plate.
The Cunningham's enjoyed themselves.
I think Prestyn eat more mashed potatoes then anyone else.
Sit and digest for pie.