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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Morp - One last High School Dance!

Afton Chambers ask Riley to the girl's choice dance "MORP" and the last dance of their senior year.

Four of the couples had a paint war before the dance.
The Dance was an outdoor dance so they went to it with there paint on.

Afton's sister came to Salem pond and took the groups pictures.

She did a really good job. I love these pictures.

Riley had a great time. It was a good way to end his High School career and add to his life time of memories.

Looks like a great looking group of kids.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oops I forgot about Easter

With the cruise and everything my Easter photos kind of got forgotten.

But they are important to share.

Riley showing Prestyn how it's done.

Jason, you are never too old to color eggs. (Trust me)

Cassie of course was having a great time.

Prestyn is a professional now.

He can show his new baby next year.

Me and my mom got some really pretty eggs going.

For some reason colored eggs always taste better.

End of the School Year Activities

Jason took his first year of guitar this year.

He bought the guitar with his own money.

I'm very proud of him. He has done very well with it.

It was a great program. They played a lot of fun songs.
I hope he keeps it up. It will be a great hobby for him.

Cassie 6th grade play turned out really good.

One of the teachers wrote a play about the Kansas girls in 1999 that did a school project and found out about a women in Poland named Irena Sendler who saved Jewish children during the war.

Irena would go to the Jewish families in the Warsaw ghetto and ask them to trust her and let her take their children to safety until the end of the war.

She kept the real names of the children and their parents names in a jar buried under a tree.

The Kansas girls wrote a play "Life in a Jar" which became very popular and played over and over again.

Irena was captured and torched but never gave up the secrets of the Jewish children she helped. Because of the Kansas girls Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cassie played a member of the Zogota (the counsel to aid Jews)

They helped get the children out and into safety.

Cassie and her class did a very good job.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Senior Proms for Riley

Tux #1 for Maple Mountain's Prom.
Tux #2 for Spanish Fork's Prom

Long Boarding Stud

Flower #1

Date #1 with Afton Chambers from Salem High

Nic Hall (boy in the middle) Riley's best friend goes to Maple Mountain.This is my favorite picture. Such a cute couple.

I really liked her shoes.

Flower #2

Date #2 with Alli Swain from Spanish Fork High

I loved this dress. It is my favorite color and the design was really pretty.

I'm glad Riley had the opportunity to go to both proms.

It think it was important to go with his best friend and I also think it was important for him to go to prom at his own high school.

I'm happy it worked out this way.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vacation Highlights

It was my plan to go on a big vacation before Riley graduated. I think we succeeded.

We had a great time. The cruise ship was fun. The excursions were wonderful.

The food was exquisite and the memories made were priceless.

We were able to experience things that were very new to us.
Snuba Driving in Cabo San Lucas was the first excursion we went on.

I have decided that Scuba diving might something I would like do over and over again.

I just loved it.

The kids voted the Horse Back riding there favorite activity of the trip.

They all want us to buy horses and raise them at our land.

Snorkeling in a cove off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

We saw some great wildlife.

This was the second excursion we did.

We rode a boat to a village on a private beach and rode horses to a waterfall.

Then we rode the boat to the cove to do some snorkeling.

Last but not least, we rode the boat to another secluded beach to have lunch.

The time was well spent with eating, Kayaking and relaxing.

The beach was just beautiful.

I can't wait until we can plan our next big adventure as a family.