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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing my beautiful flower with you.

Here is a picture of my favorite flower -Lilac bush.
This bush was transplanted by Scott and I shortly after
we bought this house from my Grandma Fox. I came from a patch of Lilac's that we took out on the side of the house. The more interesting part of this story is my Grandma Fox transplanting them originally from the home she grow up in Wyoming.
He are the beautiful flowers I got for Mother's Day.

This roses have a beautiful verity of color.
Yellow roses remind me of my Grandpa Fox.

I was selling them with my young women's group for girls camp money.

This one is my favorite because the combo of pink and yellow.
Scott bought 3 for me via me (his money - my idea)
and my brother bought some and gave me one.
It is great the way fresh flowers me feel.

1 comment:

Jerbabe said...

I'm glad you have something to bring you joy after all the other things that have happened. I've always loved lilacs as well. We had a huge sandpile when I was young. It had a cement frame and was surrounded on three sides by lilac bushes. I loved that smell.
The flowers are extreamly beautiful!