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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not a great way to start my Mother's Day Weekend.

Well Friday evening started out nice enough.......We went to my sister-n-law's house for a birthday party. We were there about 20 minutes when we got the news that we should go home.

Well this is what we came home to.
My landscaping was an innocent by standard.
Scott is not that sad about the porch railing.
He kind of wanted to change it anyway.
This is our basement bathroom window.
Glass went all the way across our basement hallway.
I'm so glad no one was home.
This is the damage on the inside wall of our bathroom.
This ought to be fun to get fixed.


cakegirl said...

You have my sympathy. This happened at my mother-in-law's house while we were visiting. The car came thru the bedroom wall and landed partially on the bed where my husband was sleeping. Minutes before my son, then 5yrs old, was standing next to the bed trying to get his father up and playing. No injuries, lots of story telling, glass everywhere. Amazed that the driver had a license since he had a history of seizures and it wasn't his first accident.

rosebud and bluebells said...

What on earth happened ?,Do you live on a busy road? Thank goodness no one was hurt. Looks like you will be having a lot more remodelling around your home. Hope it all goes well. I'll be watching the progress
My thoughts are with you

nookin5 said...

what the heck?!! i know i don't comment much, but WHAT HAPPENED! You didnt say anything about the story! details lady DETAILS!