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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pet Update

Well with everything that has been going on in my crazy-busy life, I forgot to tell you all we got some chickens Saturday afternoon May 2nd. (That was the week before the car hit our house so.....the new chickens kind of got forgotten.) We bought 12 at first then a few days later Scott bought a couple more (just because that was all that was left at the store) but then one died. Anyway we have 13 chickens.
We only know for sure that two of them are hens because they where sexed at the store.
We got them so we can let them go at our land and see if they will roost there.
We have decided to keep three or four of them here in our back yard. To keep them here they need to be hens so they don't drive the neighbors crazy. We will keep the two we know for sure that are hens here and then a couple of others. If they turn out to be roosters we will just take them to the land. We are not sure if they will last at the land (it is an experiment) so we told the kids not to get to attached.

Surprise our dog Sueki had puppies Tuesday May 26th (we did think she was pregnant)
Every time we think she is going to have puppies she never does. So we figured it wasn't ever going to happen for her.
Well Tuesday evening Riley heard something squeaking in the dog house and sure enough Sueki had two puppies (We thought she might have more that night but she never did.)
Sadly one died the first night. It was a female.
Scott was finally able to get the puppy away from Sueki's protection so we could get some good pictures of it. This one is male. He hasn't opened his eyes yet. Scott docked it's tell today. Red-healers usually have there tell docked.

We haven't thought of a name yet. I told the kids we needed to get to know him better.

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Jerbabe said...

Yea Chickens! Our kids had so much fun with our chickens. They had names and their own personalities, Good memories of that. Glad tou have somewhere to take the roosters. The roosters crowing and them digging up my flowers looking for bugs were the downsides but we got enough enjoyment out of them that it balanced out.. Cute puppy!The kids will have fun with him this summer.