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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend 2009

We went to our land Friday night to start our Memorial Weekend. My brothers trailer was already up there but we had to bring ours up that night.
Saturday we didn't let the weather stop us from having a picnic at our property with my family.
My parents and sister Yvonne with her baby Prestyn came to see us first. Shortly followed by my other sister and her four kids.
Yvonne and Prestyn got a little cold in the rain but the trailer warmed them up.
Prestyn seemed to still have a good time.

Sunday it rained off and on all day but I came prepared.
Bringing my sewing machine is always a must.

Sunday evening and Monday we were able to work on our land a little.
We are clearing some sage brush for more open spaces around the evergreen trees that are growing there.

Don't let my outfit scare you too much........You got to love my boots and capri pants.

I think Scott got the easy job........taking pictures of us working and driving the samurai in reverse pulling the sage out that we attach to it.

1 comment:

Jerbabe said...

looks like a good weekend. We missed you on Monday. I'm glad you enjoyed your time up there. First time up there is so much to do.I'm glad your family was able to come up. That makes it more fun!