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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Signs of Fall

I Love Fall!
Here is a picture of the fall leaves seen from our land.

Cassie loved the fact the leaves on her "Area" (that is what she calls the section of land she claimed as her own) were changing to fall colors.
Saturday was Scott's birthday. What he wanted to do for his birthday was go on a long 4-wheeler ride. He and my brother went on a 170 mile ride. That gives me and the kids time to just hang out on enjoy our surroundings. We did a little riding too.We love our Home away from Home.
Sunday afternoon we ALL took it easy napping and watch a movie.


Jerbabe said...

Looks like a great weekend. Very peaceful and beautiful!

nookin5 said...

when we went up to katie's cabin last week i tried to look for your land, or at least your trailers...don't know if i saw them or not...