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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Hurricane Ike in Galveston

After watching the news tonight I decides to look through my pictures of the the trip Scott and I took in 2006 to Texas. We spent the day on Galveston Island. It really hit me hard seeing the pictures of the destruction of Hurricane Ike. It is weird to think we where in the exact spots of some of the rumble left behind. It really has made me sad to see all of these beautiful places gone. It was a really great trip. We had a great time.
Here is a picture Scott took of me and our friends Dwain and Anita walking back to the car after spending time on the beach. Note the Wendy's in the picture.
There is that same Wendy's. In the distance on the right you see a building..... that is the Murdoch gift shop I will show you below.
Here is a picture of an interesting vehicle we saw on the street. Note the Domino's building.
Look at all of the destruction down the street.
Murdochs was a little gift shop where we shopped. We bought the majority of our souvenirs there. (my picture) Here is a picture of the Murdochs gift shop during the hurricane.

This is the Flagship Hotel 2006.
That is another picture of the Flagship Hotel behind Scott.
This is the Flagship Hotel in the back ground. I couldn't find a picture close up but I read an article the said big chunks of the hotel are missing after the storm.
Well I guess we can count our blessings that we didn't move to Texas.


Dee said...

Alice - Hi!

Thank you for finding my blog! These pictures are amazing! How incredibly sad.

Jerbabe said...

That is sad. I'm sure having a connection to this gives you more empathy not only for this but I'm sure it gives you more of a feel for all these types of situations. I know we just have no idea what people are going through I'm glad you had that opportunity to go their. That gift shop has probly been there forever--sort of a landmark.

nookin5 said...

well if that isn't divine intervention (you making the decision not to go) i don't know what is....i have been thinking about you and "what if" with the move and all - good thing you stayed! i know what you mean, a couple years before katrina hit LA matt and i were there, the southern homes were so beautiful and now there is nothing...its sad....i can't believe your pics! its like dejavu!!! i would have gotten the cold chills! CrAZY!!!

Brookie said...

This is sad...but kind of cool to see "before" and "after" pictures! Thanks for posting them!