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Thursday, September 4, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Yvonne and Unarra went to the hospital at 3:30 am September 4th.
Unarra was kind of in shock I think...............He kept thinking they were going home.(false labor)
Mom and I got there at 4:30 am to help be coaches. Unarra DID NOT want to be alone with this situation.
Prestyn Kishuan Cunningham
Born at 7:58 am
weight: 6lb 9oz
length: 20"

Mom and baby did great. Yvonne had him with no assistance. (Naturally)

I took the kids to see there new cousin at the hospital.

Look at that hair. It is long but not real thick.


Jerbabe said...

Congrats to them! you rarely hear of someone having a baby naturally these days. Good for her. Cute baby!

Brookie said...

Ver cute! he kind of looks like your family. His hair will get thicker and curlier. Dawni's baby was like that at first.

Daniel Olson Family said...

Tell Yvonne congrats! What a cute little boy! I'm so excited for them!

nookin5 said...

tell yvonne congrats! the baby looks great! she must have went fast - can't wait to hear the story (details)!