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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cassie's Second Competition

Saturday Cassie had a competition in Helper.
Doesn't she look a LITTLE nervous,
And then a LITTLE happy.
She got 5th place on the Double Mini.
And 3rd place on the flour exercise.

Cassie competed at level 4 on the floor. A level higher then last time. This is the first pass.

This is the first pass on the Double Mini. She competed at level 5 - the same as last time.

This is the second pass and the hardest one. She almost landed it!!

I'm so proud of her.

Sorry a little out of order but here is the 2nd pass on the floor.

I have seen so much improvement in Cassie in many ways since starting gymnastics.

  • She is not as shy around her teammates
  • She has more self confidence
  • She is more coordinated
  • And the strength in her arms

(when she started she couldn't even hold her self up)


The Olsons said...

Great Job Cassie! That is awesome! It looks like you have a great coach!

Jerbabe said...

That is so great!She is doing so good , especially considering the short time she's been doing it. I think she has reakl potential the way she's coming along. Way to go Cass--I'm so proud of you too!