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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day #3 Zion's Vacation Labor Day Weekend

We decided for day 3 we would take all the kids on the Riverside Walk. Witch is a paved 2 mile walk before the Narrows Trail.

The beginning of the Narrows Trail.

Here is the end of the paved trail.

We started dividing up and find our walking sticks.
Britney and Edris said they would stay with there kids so that their husbands, Scott, Riley, Jason, Tyree and me could go adventure on the Narrows Trail.

The Narrows is rated a strenuous hike which is 9.4 miles round trip.

You spent most of your time in the river.

As you can see in this picture there where some very deep stops along the way.

(Look at the waterlines on our shirts)

This picture is looking down stream.

This is about 2 or so miles in. It was the first time we stopped and dare take out our cameras.

These two pictures are looking up stream.

Note the waterline on Mark. He is about 6' 4", I was swimming in some places to say the least.

We were having so much fun we decided to keep on going.

This is where we turned around.

We all hiked just above this waterfall.

Here is an example of how we got done from the waterfall.

We re-energized here and decided we better turn around and get back the ladies with the crazies.

(the kids)

We figured we did over half the trail so probably 6 or so miles round trip.

Here is another picture of the waterfall as we were saying good bye.Here is the trail if we would have kept going.After we meet up with others we decided to take the kids to a splash pad in Laverkin.

This was James' kind of fun.

The bathing beauties.

Sydney Jane

Ainsley and Letley

Riley and Jason felt there time would be best spent taking a nap.

Grady and Andrew

The parents with Britney behind the camera.

Oh yeah, note the In and Out burger cups.

An air conditioned restaurant was what we needed for lunch.

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The Olsons said...

Looks like so much fun. The only sad part was I wasn't even missed.