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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day #2 Zion's Vacation Labor Day Weekend

We took the kids on two little hikes on day 2.

The first one we did was called Weeping Rock.

It was just a half mile walk on a paved path.
The cut out area of the rock was really cool.

It is hard to tell in the pictures but it was weeping water over the top of us.

We got up early so we had the trails to our selves.

It was so beautiful there.

The second hike we did was called Emerald Pools.

There were two pools you could hike to.

We did both so it was about 2 miles round trip.

As usual my favorite part is the lush green growing through the red rock.

Just before the first pool there was this beautiful waterfall you walked under on the trail.

Here is a resting spot in the shade at the first pool.

On the way to the second pool we passed through this narrow area with a tree growing up through the middle.

Yeah we made it to the second pool.

One thing I learned in Zions National Park is always to look up.

It is usually your best views.

Here is a picture of the second pool.

We stayed at the end for quit awhile and enjoyed the nature we saw.

Scott with a baby toad.

Riley with a tadpole.
I don't know what this is?

My favorite was the tree frogs.

They were every where.

It was a good day!

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