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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vacation Highlights

It was my plan to go on a big vacation before Riley graduated. I think we succeeded.

We had a great time. The cruise ship was fun. The excursions were wonderful.

The food was exquisite and the memories made were priceless.

We were able to experience things that were very new to us.
Snuba Driving in Cabo San Lucas was the first excursion we went on.

I have decided that Scuba diving might something I would like do over and over again.

I just loved it.

The kids voted the Horse Back riding there favorite activity of the trip.

They all want us to buy horses and raise them at our land.

Snorkeling in a cove off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

We saw some great wildlife.

This was the second excursion we did.

We rode a boat to a village on a private beach and rode horses to a waterfall.

Then we rode the boat to the cove to do some snorkeling.

Last but not least, we rode the boat to another secluded beach to have lunch.

The time was well spent with eating, Kayaking and relaxing.

The beach was just beautiful.

I can't wait until we can plan our next big adventure as a family.


Erica said...

you inspire me!! I love your scrapbook page layouts, and am so happy you could go on such a neat vacation, I love seeing the fun pictures and the memories you made!

The Olsons said...

That trip looks like so much fun! You sure didn't waste any time relaxing you were too busy playing.