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Monday, May 16, 2011

Two Senior Proms for Riley

Tux #1 for Maple Mountain's Prom.
Tux #2 for Spanish Fork's Prom

Long Boarding Stud

Flower #1

Date #1 with Afton Chambers from Salem High

Nic Hall (boy in the middle) Riley's best friend goes to Maple Mountain.This is my favorite picture. Such a cute couple.

I really liked her shoes.

Flower #2

Date #2 with Alli Swain from Spanish Fork High

I loved this dress. It is my favorite color and the design was really pretty.

I'm glad Riley had the opportunity to go to both proms.

It think it was important to go with his best friend and I also think it was important for him to go to prom at his own high school.

I'm happy it worked out this way.


Ken said...

Very cute pictures. Looks like he had fun with his friend too.

Ken said...

That was really Jeri