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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homecoming - Class of 1991 Returns

I had a lot of fun getting ready for my Homecoming Assembly.
For years I have been thinking about this Assembly and how cool it will be to have Riley be there as a Senior Class of 2011. One problem.........Elk Hunt......he wasn't able to be there, Oh well I still had fun.
This is me trying to dress the part.
We got a group of us together to make a video to show at the assembly.
We thought it would be easier to make a video then do a live skit.
We made sure the mullet had a big part in the program.
More girls dressing the part.
Here are the stars of the
Spanish Fork Class of 1991 Video.

Here is a link to the video we made on YouTube.


The Olsons said...

Watched your video - nice! You are such a star.

Cunninghams said...

haha that's pretty funny. loved the thong part!!