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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Riley was asked to the Sweet Hearts Dance.
Riley wanted a Valentine's tie, he choose this great pink one.

The stuffed animal for her was my idea.
He wasn't sure about it saying "girls think stuffed animals are lame"
I explained to him that he was wrong............girls love stuffed animals.
Natalia was the lucky girl.

I suspect Riley is a fun date. He seems to have fun.

Here is a picture of the cute little mini carton made using my new die cut.

I think they turned out so cute.
I made them for my nieces and nephews for Valentine's Day.

Not a lot of labor but I think they turned out cute.


Jerbabe said...

They were darling! Thanks for always being so thoughtful Alice!

Jason and Britney said...

Darling and yummy! The kids loved them, Grady is still 'drinking' his!