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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sad Day

We had our Young Women's New Beginnings recently.
The sad thing is a week or so before we had it they gave me the sad news they were releasing me.
The president had been in over three years so they released her. Even though I have been in only a year when they change the president they change the whole organization.
It really broke my heart.
We had to keep it a secret during New Beginnings because they hadn't called the new presidency.
I made these little clip boards with some calendar items on them for the year to give the girls.
I talked about the importance of attending the weekly activities and how they can be testimony building experiences.
Our theme was "YW like Butterflies"
I made these handouts for the girls and there parents talking about how the Personal Progress program can help the YW grow from Caterpillars into Beautiful Butterflies.

I will miss working with the Youth but is was a fun year.


Kira Rae said...

Darling! You are so talented and thoughtful. I too love the YW program, I'm sure they'll find another place for you to use your creative juices!

Jerbabe said...

These things you made are absolutely darling. In all the years I served in young women I never saw this much effort put into a program. You are so thoughtful and creative. I'm sure you will be in young women again. You have made an imprint on these girls lifes. It's wonderful you loved it. It's hard not to when they are loving you back! We love you Alice and are happy you are in our family for eternity!

Jason and Britney said...

My time is coming in September (that is what they are telling us now). I know that I will be really sad! You do so much, wanna come to our ward? We will definetly take you!!!

The Olsons said...

Such cute invites and handouts! What lucky girls! You make the cutest things! I remember being so sad when I was released and I was just an advisor. The youth are so fun to work with. And I wouldn't be suprised if you got put back in. It just may be a few years.

kristyryan said...

you are so talented. I know the feeling of getting released, I was in YW too and got released last year. So watch out, I ma know in Sunbeams!