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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aprons, Aprons and more Aprons!!!

I have busy making more aprons for birthdays.
I owed Sara one for her birthday in December.
Doesn't baby Olsen look cute in the apron too?
Britney looks just lovely in her apron.
My beautiful niece Penina shares the same birthday as me.
She has been waiting a long time for her apron. Her two older sisters got theirs on there birthdays back in May.
I know I know Cassie's birthday is in July but I just got her apron done.
Sometimes you own kids are last..........
I think Sara was surprised HOW much more prego she looked in the apron.
She makes pregnancy look good.
Beautiful Ladies JUST beautiful!!!!!


The Olsons said...

All the aprons are darling! And I love mine! But that picture on the top, maybe you can move it to the bottom so it's not on everyones thumbnails as you made a new post. Or hurry and make another post. I'm just not lookin to hot lately.

Julie said...

You are so talented! Lucky gals!!

The Craftivist said...

These are wonderful! Great job.

Jason and Britney said...

Thanks Alice! The aprons are so fun, and once again Jason is still Jealous. Maybe I'll have to buy one for him for Valentines day? hmmm... What do you think about that?

PS, when you move Saras picture from the top, don't put mine there!