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Monday, October 26, 2009

Deer Hunting Weekend!

The first weekend of the deer hunt Scott and Riley stayed in the "deer hunting" trailer and me and the other kids stayed at our land in our other trailer.
Saturday night we drove over and visited the deer hunters.
They were road hunting.
Well right after we turned around and were going back to the trailer to wait for them Scott shot his deer.
I hiked up the mountain and took some pictures of them dragging it down the mountain.

It was a pretty nice three point.

This is what I worked on at the trailer.
Halloween treat bags...

And Christmas cards.......


The Olsons said...

Looks like a good dear! And it looks like a fun little get away. I need one of those.

Jerbabe said...

Nice you got some pictures of the boys hunting--don't know how you found them--They were quite a ways away from you weren't they? Your treat bags and cards are very cute!

Julie said...

cute! cute! cute! not the deer, your cards! :)