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Monday, June 8, 2009

New aprons for my nieces!

This is Kallysta. Her birthday is on Cinco De Mayo.
She turned 8 yrs old.
I asked her what colors she would like to have on her apron.
I hope she was pleased how it turned out.
This is Tyree. She turned 10 yrs old this year.
She is two months older then my Cassie.
She was very specific in her color request of Blue and Yellow.
I hope she was happy.

TWO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS with there B-Day presents.


Jerbabe said...

These were so adorable! I think they loved them!!

Jason & Britney said...

I saw some aprons at quilted bear, they had nothin on these darling aprons you made! Sydnie is so excited to get hers! She thought for sure that you'd be coming on Sunday with her new apron! She will love it no matter what, she's been wearing this little apron I got at dollar tree a couple of years ago. She wears it all the time! You are so talented Alice! You have the luckiest little nieces and nephews that benefit from it.