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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Young Women Auxiliary Leadership Training

Last Thursday night in the Tabernacle I went to the Auxiliary Training
for the Young Women Presidencies. As part of my new calling as the First Counselor I went to the meeting with the President - Sister Tonya Shawcroft.
It was a great meeting. I learned a lot. The addition of the new value
"Virtue" has been a great experience for me.
It is funny how things happen, when I was a young women -way back when -
that is when the original 7 values where introduced by Sister Kapp
I hadn't been in the Tabernacle for about 18 years or so..................
and after being in the Conference Center just a few months ago, it was weird how small the Tabernacle felt. It is still has beautiful as ever and you can just feel the spirit and history.
I even thought to myself "If these walls could talk."


Brookie said...

Sounds like a great experience! I am glad you are enjoying your calling!

Jerbabe said...

Thats neat! I've still never been in the new conference center but I do love the tabernacle