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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cassie's Easter Shirt

This year I decided to make Cassie an Easter Shirt.
I figured she could wear it to church and school.
I let Cassie pick out the fabric.
She wanted something with "Blue" in it.
I really like how the colors work together.
Thanks Kira for letting me borrow your pattern.
Kira made a dress with the same pattern for her little girl.
(click "little girl" to see how cute she is.)
Cassie and I made a bracelet to match her new shirt.

I think it fits her really good.

Happy Easter!!!!!


Jerbabe said...

Cute ,Cute! I noticed how cute the bracelet matches too. Someone is going to look cute today!

Anonymous said...

turned out so cute! I might just make Karas a shirt too. Happy Easter!