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Monday, December 29, 2008

December 26th Sledding Take 1

Friday after Christmas the Kids and I went sledding with Uncle Mark and his family up Hobble Creek. This was the first time we had been sledding for YEARS.
Of course I forgot my camera so these pictures are taken with me I-phone. They are not too bad considering they are taking with a phone. They action shots just aren't that good.
Here is Cassie and Kallysta speeding by.
Tyree and Penina were next.
Jason has an interesting kneeling technique.
Cassie resting after walking up the hill AGAIN.
Riley had a great time.
Look at the big smile on Tyree's face.
Jason was starting to tired.
Here is a glimpse of them all going at once. Tyree in the lead my two boys in the middle and Uncle Mark in last place.
Let's do it again.

1 comment:

Jerbabe said...

Wish I was young and healthy. It looks fun. I spent many hours on the tubing hill as a child and teen. That was major fun in those days. Looks like a great time!