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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strong Family Tradition

My mother-in-law Jeri has kept a family tradition of making Gingerbread Houses (gram cracker houses) before the Christmas holidays. The kids love it.
It gets there creative juices flowing.
Usually they end up eating just as much as they use on the houses.
Riley really gets into it.
This is the first year I did a house.

I think it turned out pretty good.
Cassie was a little sad because her house was knocked on the floor but we fixed it.
I think it turned out beautiful.
Good job Jason!
Riley you are the best.


Catherine said...

what a great tradition and great pics...TFS :)

The Olson's said...

Sorry about Cassies house. I hope she ended up being happy with it. My boys have already eaten their houses, but Devyn is saving hers.

Brookie said...

Fun Fun! I never saw your finished product. I like it!

Jerbabe said...

I know the kids enjoy making these and they are way good at it! I always mwke extra so whoever would like to do it can. Glad you chose to do it. It's way cute!