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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prestyn's New Blanket

I machine embroidered the little images in the squares. Then put a boarder around that. The bigger boarder is a chenille material. I love the look this has created. I've been trying to do new things with my sewing. I've never dared to do binding on a quilt. I either make rag quilts or use a ruffle or a triangle to finish my quilts.
I did three boarders around the chenille.

I hope Yvonne and Prestyn enjoy this quilt has much I did making it.


Jerbabe said...

How Sweet you are to make all these wonderful blankets. The kids love them and they are really heirlooms because each one is unique made specifically for a certain child. Another great quilt!
You put me to shame women!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute, how lucky that little baby is to snuggle in it.

Sara said...

You're so talented. How cute!

Catherine said...

this is way too it!