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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Making an accordion book.

I made an accordion book for my dads 70th birthday last week.

My father was raised on a farm in Southern Arizona. His brother still owns and lives there. This is some of the antic farm equipment from the farm my uncle gave my brother and I. We went down to get it a couple of months ago and I thought my dad would like a book of the pictures I took when I was down there.
It was really fun to make.


Catherine said...

Alice, this would be a great gift for your Dad and i'm sure he'll love it. BTW, Happy 70th Birthday to him :)

Sherri said...

Your book is lovely!!

Jerbabe said...

This sis a beautiful book! I'm sure your dad will treasure this forever and will proudly bring it out to share many times to come. You are a sweet and thoughtful daughter