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Friday, August 22, 2008

Yvonne's Baby shower

Last Saturday I gave my sister a shower. Her baby is due September 16th.
She got some really great stuff.

Here is a shot of the food we served.
I had to try and get a picture of Yvonne's cute belly.
I made diapers cakes for the center pieces. They were fun to make, cute and a useful present.


Daniel Olson Family said...

MMmmm That food looks so good! I'm excited for her to have her little guy. I can't wait to see how cute he is. I have always LOVED mixed babies.

Jerbabe said...

Wow Alice. You did a wonderful job. I want to go eat that food too. Your diaper cakes are so cute too. I'll pass on eating those. It looks like a perfect shower. Tell Yvonne Congrats and will look forward to seeing you post pictures of that little guy. Does he have a name yet?

Thomas Chicks said...
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Brookie said...

Awesome! Looks like a fun shower! Can't wait to see her little one!

nookin5 said...

you did a fab job on the shower! it was good to see everyone...i guess the next one will amanda's - exciting! i love to see pics of your kids too - they are changing so much!