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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Arizona Trip

We made a quick three day trip to Arizona to get some farm equipment that my uncle gave me and my brother. We are going to use the equipment as yard ornaments at our land. My uncle kind of thought my brother and I were crazy for wanting the equipment. We explained that a lot of people use old farm equipment as ornaments and how special it would be to us to have my Grandpa Nelson's machinery that he and my Uncle Jay used on the family farm. Then he starting understanding and the stories started flowing. The wagon wheels on the far right of the trailer are from a wagon that was used by my dad's family in the 1920's. You can't see it really well in this picture but the wide tire with rubber on it is from a piece of equipment from the 1930's. In front of that is the Disk that is from the 1940's. Last on the far left is the big Side Delivery Rake that my Uncle says his dad bought in 1951 brand new. He was very proud of that.

I'm sure it was hard to see the equipment leave but he said he was glad it would be displayed where people could look at it.
The paper in my hand has to be considered one of my most prized possession from the trip and it really wasn't meant to be that from my uncle. He wrote "To whom it my concern, I Jay Nelson gave this side Delivery Rake and the Disk to James Mark Nelson and Scott and Alice Strong.
Jay Nelson."

I will frame and cherish that note for ever.

We loved talking to him as much as time allowed.

This is him getting the tractor started for the way did I mention he is almost 83 year old.
This is the family brand the was issued to my grandfather in 1930's and my uncle still uses it to this day.
This is the Side Delivery Rake.

I think the boys like playing with the tractor the most.

Here is a little video I took of Mark getting the Disk from my Uncle Jays farm.


Jerbabe said...

Thats pretty neat that you will have some of your family history up on your land. Maybe you could even use it. Looks like you had a good visit even if it was short.

nookin5 said...

how awesome is that to have heir looms! i still don't know why you will cherish the note...i will have to reread that comment, but sounds like a fun last minute are the kids adjusting to school? have they started?