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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Strong Family Campout 2008

Saturday night we went for a 4 wheeler ride.

Jeri took some family pictures of us.

We went to the edge of the mountain to see in the spotting scope.
Jeri left the edge before I could take a picture of her.

I love those little white flowers by Cassie.
Got Jason with his eyes closed but he wouldn't go back to the edge to take another picture.

Here are the Mountain Goats we where looking at through the spotting scope.
It was really cool.

On Friday we did a mile hike to a water fall. The hike to stand by the fall was steep so only a few people went down there. If you click on this picture you can see Riley and Jason by the water fall. It shows how big the fall really is. (Red hat Jason - Blue hat Riley)

This picture I zoomed in as much has I could. You can see the boys better.
This is as close as Cassie and I got but it was still beautiful.

The equipment we saw was cool.
It was like an outdoor museum.

Jason meet up with us after riding his 4 wheeler.

It was really neat to see the old buildings.

We took a little walk with the kids to see the old mining equipment they had there.


biesingerfamily said...

I found you! I'm glad you're blogging too. You guys are so active! Are you ever home? I'll keep an eye on your blog!!


Kira Rae said...

Cute blog layout. It lookes like a fun outing.