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Friday, July 18, 2008

Moab trip Memorial Day Weekend 2008

All the Rock Crawlers that came on the trip!
The race up the water fall was the funniest!

This year we took our RC Rock Crawlers to Moab.

Scott has an extra Riley uses.

He got his real rock crawler for Christmas. ( A samurai to work on so it is ready when he gets his licence.)

Jason and Cassie got there rockcrawlers for Christmas in 2007.

They love them.

Because of the wet winter the desert flowers were beautiful this year.

We didn't make it to Moab for Easter this year so we made sure we went Memorial Weekend!

I think this is Scott's favorite angle in his samurai.


Daniel Olson Family said...

Hey, I'm glad you're doing a current blog too! Happy Anniversary by the way! I forgot to wish you yesterday. I can't believe you guys are SO old! :)

Jerbabe said...

Looks like fun. I still can't believe I've never been there. I need to set a goal. I just want to stay in a motel and drive around.

Jerbabe said...

By the way, these flowers are beautiful!