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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Hole in the Rock Trail

Day 1

We left Thursday March 22nd and drive to our first campsite. We set up camp in the dark.

Day 2 – Friday March 23rd

Woke up and walked to look at the Indian ruins. After fueling up at the airport, we got lined up to start the trail. The first stop we hiked up a path that was cut by the pioneers from the rocks for the horses to make there way on the trail. We saw what looks to be the marks of wagon wheels on the rocks. It was very cool. We continued to the end of the trail, finishing in the dark and setting up camp again in the dark.

Day 3 – Saturday March 24th

When we woke we noticed what we hadn’t seen in the dark, the beautiful site of Lake Powell. At the end there was a trail to hike to the water. We didn’t take the time to go all the way but we did hike a bit down the path that the pioneers took. Historians have put some wagon markers there to show the way. We saw the cable marks from rising and lowering the wagons on the trail.
On our way back through the trail we stopped and did more hiking. We learned a hiking technical called “stemming”. The “in prompt to” hikes were the best part of the trip. We did several Saturday. On one of them we hiked to a dry waterfall cliff. It was amazing. We drove back around ¾‘s of the trail and made camp for the final night. As you can see from my tent pictures we had to be creative with our tent. Camping on the rocks or the sand by the rocks you can use your stakes. We were experts at it by the third night.

Day 4 – Sunday March 25th

The last day of a trip is always sad. This was by far the best trail experience I have ever had. We were with great people and listening to the book “The Undaunted” about the pioneers on the Hole in the Rock trail made it like a spiritual experience. After fueling up at the airport again we heading home. We saw all of sights we missed when we drove in Thursday night. It is beautiful country.

I can’t wait until we do this trip again with the kids.

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