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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In Memory of Scott Gale

This are the beautiful flowers me and my co-workers bought for Scott's funeral.
A few years ago when my husband moved into the same office as us, I started calling them by there full names "Scott Strong" and "Scott Gale"
Scott Gale always got a kick out of it when I would yell out across the office "Scott Strong" to talk to him and "Scott Gale" when I wanted to talk to him.

It turned out to be such a nice day.

It was one of those funerals where you were almost happy at the end.

When you start to remember all of the things that he could do now that his broken body won't let him do before. The stories his brothers told where great. I learned so much about him.

I know him and my dad will have many great discussions in heaven.

They really had so much in common.

The LOVE of BYU sports for one thing.

It is so nice to the know the Gospel is true and I will see my good friend Scott Gale again.

I still miss him though. I think of him every time I walk by his desk.

Every once in awhile I still catch myself thinking at work when I have a question

"Scott Gale will know" but he is no longer there to help me.

I miss you Scott Gale.

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