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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cassie's 12th Birthday Party

I can't believe my baby girl is 12 years old.
She has been calling herself preteen for about two years.
Now she really is.

We had fun planning her 12th birthday party.
She wanted to do something fun and different so I thought of pedicures.

We made these paper doll magnets for each of the girls.

We went to the mall for pedicures.
It was the first time the girls had pedicures. I think they really enjoyed themselves.

All of their toes turned out very cute.

We ended up painting our figure nails too at home in between playing the Wii.

I took them to the eatery for dinner.
They all chose Panda Express.

Girls always love the mall.

Playing the Wii is always a party favorite.

Coldstone cupcakes!!!!! YUM YUM

Happy Birthday to You!

All in all I think Cassie had a great birthday party.

1 comment:

Jerbabe said...

What a dream party these girls got to go to! I think they'll remember that for a long time. Cote pictures and such fun!!!