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Monday, August 29, 2011

Pioneer Days 2011

I started the Pioneer Days Weekend with my 20 year class reunion on Saturday July 23rd.

We had a great turn out. I was the first reunion I had attended. It was great to see everyone that came. It was a lot of fun.

Then came the parade. It is a tradition to ride in the Pioneer Parade your 20 year reunion year.
This too was a lot of fun.

We ended up with more people then we started with.

When someone saw someone that belonged in our class in the crowd, a group of the guys went and grabbed them and made them jump on the trailer.

Cassie was also in the parade with her tumbling group CETA.

She loves to tumble on the streets on the side of the truck instead of on the trailer.

Scott tried to get a picture of her in action but it just didn't work out.

The Nielsen Family Reunion

The Nielsen side of the family (Scott's Grandma Jane Nielsen Strong's side of the family)

has there family reunion every year after the parade.

Before Spanish Fork grew you could trace at least 1/4 of the population to this family.

When Riley turned 16 we always teased him to make sure he was related to a girl before asking them out.

I think Scott made sure of the spelling of my last name (Nelson)before he asked me out.

Aunt Floss has been my friend even before I joined the family.

We meet when I lived with my Grandma Fox who lived across the street from them when I was 11 years old. Now that I own that same house we are still neighbors and friends.

Aunt Kathleen is a Great lady. I have loved being in her ward and neighbor these past years.

I don't know Aunt Norma has well as the others because of not living next to her but she is a great lady who comes from a great family.
Here is a picture of Grandma Jeri Strong and her Granddaughters that were able to come to the reunion.

Here is a beautiful picture cousin Julie took of the beautiful Nielsen sisters.

They are the three remaining children of the Nielsen family of 16 children.

Love YOU ladies!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I too love Aunt Kathleen, she's not really my aunt but she was best friends with my dad's mother Lela Rae and took care of her alot when she was confined to her bed. We always called her Aunt Kathleen because my dad did. I also grew up in this ward and remember loving Joe and Floss. I always thought Floss was so pretty, she always had the most beautiful clothes and her hair was always gorgous...still is! What a fun day!